Exceptional support on all of your systems… no matter who the manufacturer and what the age of equipment.

Data Blue professionals are in the trenches everyday so we intimately understand the challenges you face. Because we are vendor agnostic, we can offer exceptional support on all of your systems… no matter who the manufacturer. We don’t discriminate on age; through our maintenance program, you no longer have to worry about machines going EOL (End of Life) or EOSL (End of Service Life). We will maintain your legacy machines, allowing you to migrate to new machines on your own time, avoiding costly upgrades because the manufacturer is ready when you are not.

Through our easy-to-use portal, we allow you to track assets and maintenance expiration dates giving you the power to manage multiple support contracts from a single cloud based tool. Data Blue offers a wide variety of maintenance options and can help you identify when a support scenario is better suited for the OEM or third-party.

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