At Data Blue we are redefining the meaning of value. We believe in going above and beyond the traditional VARs, making your experience a remarkable one.

Focused on your infrastructure from start to finish, we are engaged in every part of the process. As your trusted advisors, we work closely with your team to carefully examine your environment and your unique challenges, helping solve your business needs.

With our years of technical expertise, we create a solution that optimizes your existing technology and implements new technologies, all while minimizing costs and risks. Finally, we know how to make competitive products work together, augmenting the manufacturer’s capabilities to provide you with a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our job is never finished, we are engaged in ongoing engineering support to insure your solution is functioning to the highest standards. We are there every step of the way because we believe it’s the experience that makes the difference.

Leverage today’s technology to boost productivity and performance while minimizing risk and cost.

These new solutions offer simplicity, scalability, flexibility and increased performance at a lower cost. And cost advantages are not limited only to capital expense but cloud solutions offer a smaller physical footprint, reduced power consumption, rapid provisioning and minimal management.

All-flash, hybrid, converged, virtualized, cloud…do you know what’s best for your environment? The good news is, we do!

Data Blue will help you leverage today’s technology to increase performance, boost productivity and provide a better user experience while maintaining the security you need to protect customer, patient and employee information.

  • Data Storage
  • Data Protection
  • Archiving (Block, File, Unified)
  • Software Defined Storage
  • Cloud Storage

Reliable, high-performance and secure connectivity results in better business outcomes with reduced risk.

With the proliferation of the mobile workforce, cars and machines being operated without human assistance and the development of the cloud, downtime is no longer limited to your applications being inaccessible but it can mean the difference between life and death.

Data Blue will help you mitigate these risks and drive better business outcomes by working jointly with manufacturers and your internal team to develop high-performance networking solutions configured to prevent downtime, meet SLAs and improve efficiency while reducing costs. Our networking solutions are secure, reliable and built to scale to meet your expansion needs in the future. Additionally, we can help you connect to the cloud, enabling you to securely access, upload and pull data back out of the cloud.

  • Fabric & Ethernet Switching
  • Security
  • Telecom – iWAN
  • Load Balancing
  • Network Diagnostics (Fabric & Ethernet)
  • Firewall
  • Network Monitoring

Software Defined WAN (SD Wan)

An optimal compute strategy offers greater performance, availability and efficiency with decreased complexity and costs.

Virtual machines running offer reduced complexity, rapid provisioning, simplified infrastructure management and a better enabled mobile and bring your own device workforce. Virtualization is key to consolidation but the movement to virtual machines is complicated, requiring a great deal of experience and expertise.

By implementing an optimal compute strategy that combines workloads, enhances server performance and reduces bandwidth, Data Blue will enable you to decrease complexity and costs related to server counts, power and space utilization. Furthermore, Data Blue will help you improve flexibility and IT agility across on-premise and cloud resources driving the best performance, highest availability and maximum efficiency from your infrastructure and applications.

Increase business agility and productivity by running multiple applications and operating systems simultaneously on the same machine.

IT leaders can save enterprises 20% to 50% with virtualization projects, providing increased flexibility and speed, and improved quality of service, ~ Gartner estimates.

Data Blue will enable you to run multiple applications and operating systems simultaneously on the same machine by implementing an optimal consolidation and virtualization strategy. Virtualization is key to business agility, enhanced flexibility and increased productivity but the movement to virtual machines is complicated, requiring a great deal of experience and expertise. By combining workloads, enhancing server performance and reducing bandwidth, Data Blue will help you maximize the use of your existing system investments and derive more value from fewer machines. We will also work with you to mitigate risks, minimize business disruptions and avoid lost data that often occurs when virtualizing or consolidating your data center.

*Source: Virtualization Key Initiative Overview, Gartner, June 14, 2013

  • VDI
  • vShpere
  • Hyper-V

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